Monday, June 28, 2010

Babies, Coke, and Books

I'm hoping to make sense today! I had to take Benedryl because my sinuses are going absolutely insane today, so I'm hoping I can write and think coherently for a long enough period of time to write tonight.

Anyway, remember yesterday? How I said I have a little bit of a Coke addiction? Well, today something happened that made me realize that I really need to kick that habit to the curb sometime in the near future. Want to know what happened? This is what happened:

I really do tend to drink right out of the 2 liter because I drink Coke all.the.time. My son decided to take an empty 2 liter and pretend to drink out of it today. He randomly picked it up, and then he put it to his mouth and pretended to drink out of it. He did this for a good 10 minutes. While I'm glad such simple things can keep him occupied, I have not given him any pop and don't ever plan on doing so, simply because I've always liked pop for as long as I can remember, and enjoying healthier beverages, such as water, is really not all that enjoyable to me.

Aside from that, I had a terribly uneventful day. But I'm almost done with my book, and it has been pretty good.

Ask Again Later by Jill A. Davis

The main character, Emily, and I are extremely different. But we're also the same. Her mom had a semi-crisis when a lump was found in her breast. I have been very fortunate to not experience that. I don't want to give too much away, in case you do decide to read it. But there are a lot of differences, but yet, we're very much the same. She thinks about the same weird things that I tend to think about. Her "voice" is quite like mind. Scattered. She also has weird little quirks very much like mine. For example, she mentally organizes books sitting on a bookshelf. I do stuff like that, too. My biggest quirk, and don't think I'm insane, please, is that I count. I count everything. If I'm just sitting on my balcony to relax, I count windows. I can count them a million times over, but I always count them. I don't know why, especially since I hate math, but I seem to enjoy counting. I wonder what a psychologist would think of this? But I'm really not sure I want to find out.

Anyway, back to the book. It's written almost a diary-type of style. Not obvious diary style, but there aren't really chapters. There are little "articles". They each have a name, and they're rather short. But there's not date or time, no "Dear Diary....Love, Emily", but it's short and sweet. It's a good writing style for a busy mom. It's easy to sneak in a couple "chapters" without having to cut one short because motherly duties are calling your name. As I said, I'm almost done reading it, and luckily, my sister-in-law brought me over a nice stack of books, because I've run out of my own. I usually take all the money I get for Christmas and go to a bookstore and spend the entire day sifting through books for me to enjoy throughout the year. But having a child and "grown up" responsibilities has hindered my ability to spend so much money on stuff like that. That being said, even though I have a pretty stack of books right now, I read often and go through books almost as much as I go through 2 liters of Coke, so if any of you have any suggestions, let me know!

I wanted to ask anybody that may read this, what are your favorite memes? I don't want my blog to be an entire meme, but I want to be able to participate in something each week, so that way I can have a "day off" from trying to think of something to write (hey, it happens!), but I also have to keep up with writing, because it's really easy for me to decide I'm too busy, or too lazy, or too whatever and not write and then not do it again for a long time. But I don't want to do that, because I do enjoy writing, and blogging is very therapeutic. In fact, I'm sure it's the reason why I survived my teenage years.

Alright, well, tonight I'm patting myself on the back for writing this with my Benedryl-induced coma. It's time for me to call it a night now. But I do hope everybody has a lovely day! Pinot and I will be back tomorrow night. :)


  1. I had a serious Dr Pepper addiction and finally kicked the habit a month ago. It was hard, but so worth it. I swear Dr Pepper was my drug! LOL (There's worse things we could be hooked on though, so don't beat yourself up!)

  2. Well, good for you! I tried, I really did. But I LOVE the carbonation...and sparkling water just isn't the same. lol I will kick the habit someday. But you're right, there is definitely some way worse things to be hooked on, that's for sure. :-p Thanks for visiting!!