Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday & 17 Months!

I actually completed Tackle It Tuesday without even knowing it. Today, although I feel like my head really may explode and it's getting a little hard to breath (Gotta love genetics! Especially when Asthma is involved.), I felt restless. Go figure. SO I decided to dig deep into the depths of our room and Tubs' room and dig up every last piece of laundry I could find. Which, let me tell you is a lot. Because I really hate laundry. So I tend to put it off until I really can't put it off anymore. I know, that's bad...but it's such a process! A long, boring process! First, you have to organize it all (which I'm kind of lazy with, too), and then you gotta put it in the washer. Wait 15 - 20 minutes. Put it in the dryer. Put another load in the washer. Wait 70 minutes. Unload the dryer. Put the clothes in the washer in the dryer. Put another load in the washer. Fold the dried load. Put the tried load away. Repeat. For the rest of freaking forever. And I hate it. And you can never really be 100% caught up on laundry unless you and your family walk around naked for an entire day, at the least. Which I rather not do. BUT...I did laundry. Lots of laundry. About 7 or 8 loads. I've probably got 7 or 8 more left, most of which being Tubs' clothes. He has way too many clothes. And a load of baby clothes is like 5 loads of adult clothes. So that's a lot of folding and hanging up and putting in drawers.

Can we tell I hate doing laundry yet? Because I really cannot stress how much I hate doing laundry. It is my nemesis. I would have taken pictures had I known I was participating in Tackle It Tuesday...but I didn't discover Tackle It Tuesday until well after I started. haha But I always have stuff to tackle, so I'll keep it up and have some shocking pictures for y'all next week. Like my bedroom...more specifically, under the bed. Because I have not yet grown out of the "QUICK! Shove it under the bed! Someone's coming over!" stage. Because it's SO much easier to do that way. haha

I promise my house isn't as dirty as it sounds. Ohhh well.

And today...Tubs is 17 months old! I can't believe it! He's going to be a year and HALF next month! We're almost half-way to 2! That makes me sad. And happy. But mostly sad, because time is going by so incredibly fast. For example, I'm pretty sure we just paid the car payment a few days ago...but it's due again next week. Eww. Time is definitely going too fast for my wallet! Or, I should say, my husband's wallet.

Back to Tubs...I tried desperately hard to post a bunch of pictures (I just spent like an hour resizing and adding borders in the middle of writing this post but I had to give up!) but I am feeling so sick. Ewww. I need to go take a breathing treatment and go to bed. I'll post 17 months of pictures tomorrow! Goodnight world!

P.S. If you wanna participate in Tackle It Tuesday...go over to 5 Minutes For Mom!


  1. I so hate laundry. Hell must be an unending laundry room - of stinky clothes. I hope you find an end to yours:) ANd you feel better soon!

  2. Haha, you made me laugh! Especially the part about running around naked, it's so true! I do 2-3 loads a day, and I never catch up. Everytime I'm close, someone pees the bed and creates a mountain of laundry just with that. My youngest is so close in age to your son- my little guy turns 17 months tomorrow!

  3. hi from SITS! my little girl just turned one - you're right! where does the time go?? glad to be following :)


  4. I AM SO MAD! I was almost done replying to y'all and I hit the backspace button and somehow that took me back to the homepage, and then when I came back, it was all gone! :( ANYWAY....
    @bluecottonmemory - That is probably the most accurate prediction of hell I have ever heard! Seriously. I think you have it spot in. And thank you! I hope I feel better soon, but today is worse. It sucks!

    TornadoTwos - I'm glad I made you laugh! I love making people laugh. :) Sometimes I think living in a nudist colony would be really great...but I'd probably get the heebie jeebies, so I'll pass. haha And our sons are very close in age! Yay for January babies!! :) Happy 17 months little guy!

    @alabaster cow - Hey! You know what's funny...I was totally a follower of your blog on my old blog but then I just didn't feel in love with my blog and forgot of it's existence and all the nifty blogs I had come across (no offense, of course!)! So I'm glad you're here because I loved your blog!! I'm going to go make myself a follower again! :)

  5. i used to hate laundry. until i coerced my hubby into doing it.

  6. I've already coerced my hubby into manning the dishes. I hate doing laundry, but at least I can put it off for a lot longer than the dishes! haha